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1991 Mustang Convertible Engine Other

Engine is a 5.0. Just recently I have been adding radator fluid every so often with no visible leaks any where in the system. When starting the car it will run rough with white smoke coming out of the exhaust, after car warms up to normal there is no smoke or very little coming out of the exhaust, could I have blown the lower intake gasket what do you think.

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1980 F+150 Pick+up Engine Other

I am restoring a 1965 Mustang. I bought an engine which is an 80's model 302. I believe by the code numbers it came from a truck. The oil dipstick is on the drivers side rear of the block. Will I need to change the oil pan and oil pick up tube to make it work on the mustang or will it work as is. If I have to change it can I put a different oil pan on change type of oil pick up tube and use a timing cover that has the oil dipstick in the timing cover and plug the hole in the rear where the oil dipstick used to go? I know The block also has the fuel pump bolted to the block and not connected to the timing cover.

1993 F+150 Pick+up Engine Upgrade

I have a 1993 F150 4x4 with a 5.0L. I would like to replace with a new 5.0L motor, but with a more aggresive cam for more power, but I have been told the computer will starve the new motor of fuel and air causing damage to the new motor, is this true and is my only option a stock replacement motor, or
can I modify or replace the computer?

1996 Explorer Engine Other

We are trying to install a new motor in my wife's explorer - the transmission is still in place and I am having trouble getting the motor to fit and line up to the transmission. Will I have to remove the transmission put in the engine and put the transmission back in or is there some sort of "trick" or something obvious I am missing? THANKS!

1968 Bronco Engine Stalling

engine starts and runs but runs rough and eventually stalls and wo'nt restart till engine sits for awhile.

1995 Contour Engine Other

about a week ago I noticed after starting my 1995 Ford Contour that my speedometer didn't work and the car was running with a hiccup-like symptoms especially when I was decreasing speed and actually when the speed was getting lower than 30-20 mph sometimes the engine would shut down. A friend told me, since it happen all at once (speedometer and running rough) that it might be related to the speedometer and speed sensor. I'm not a mechanic but I try to look at the engine and see if there was any obvious problem, and I noticed that a cable close to where the speedometer is whas broken. I just dropped the car to a mechanic that works from home to fix the cable, but Would you think that the problem with the car running rough could be related to the speedometer cable being broken? or could it be something else??

I appreciate any help I can get.


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1996 Explorer Engine Chugging

I have a problem that affects my #3 spark plug (or cylinder) Every few thousand miles I have to bring it in to have the #3 plug changed. I would like to know which one is the #3 plug and how to get at it withoutripping apart the whole engine.Thanx plenty!!

1994 Taurus Engine Other

When I crank over the engine it starts then dies. I have replaced the fuel filter and pump. Could this be a sensor causing the problen?

1996 Mustang Engine Won't Start

I replaced a manuel transmission with an electronically controlled automatic transmission, alone with the harness, torque converter, flywheel, driveshaft shifter and cable.Filled trans. with oil but only the reverse gear worked. I then replaced the powertrain control module(pcm), know the car want start, engine turnover but want start. all parts from same year model.

1997 Explorer Engine Won't Start

My truck won't start. I was driving and it wanted to stall on me...badly. I got home and looked under the hood, the spark plugs were badly burned through. I replaced them and now my truck won't start at all. What happened???

2001 Mustang GT Engine Upgrade

I am about to install a c&l 80mm mass air meter. What steps do I have to take so that my car improves in performance and operate properly?

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1994 Thunderbird Engine Overheating

Hello, We have a 1994 Ford T-Bird LX w/3.8L. When the engine is started from cold - warm-up is normal and heat would enter the passenger cabin. Last week, all of a sudden, about 10 miles into a trip, simultaneously the temperature gauge would peg high, the check engine light would illuminate, the radiator fan would stop and the heat to the passenger cabin would go cold... A few minute later the temp gauge would fluctuate, the check engine light would go on and off, the heat would not return and the radiator fan would work occassionally but not normally. Fortunatly, or not, this occurs continuously.

Things done so far:

Flushed cooling system and new anti-freeze - vented engine during filling and top-off to rid the air trap.

Replaced thermostat.

Tested coolant temperature sensor in cold --> hot water with ohm meter - 57K cold and ~2K hot with nice linear meter readings.

Repaired a hose leak at the overflow tank.

Also, there is single wire sensor on the cabin heater hose from the engine to the firewall - what is this sensor - resembles the temperature gauge sensor at the thermostat.

Thank you for your time and help. - Lee

1995 Mustang GT Engine Overheating

when its over right around 95 degrees outside my car always runs in the upper heat range(Hot but not direcly on the H) It also starts to ping when its running warm..Have noticed that it loses about a cup of anti freeze within a month..and some times it smells like antifreeze while its running(possibly through the exhaust)Is there a 3 core radiator available that might help my overheating problem...Thanks Mitch

1999 Taurus Engine Malfunction

Temperature gauge about half way mark and engine smells "hot" after about 30 miles and takes a long time to cool down have never missed an oil change and service @ 3 month intervals - have had head gaskets replaced, new water pump, thermostat, new spark plugs, wires, DPFE sensor & speed sensor replaced, power steering pump relaced twice- raditor flushed twice - had a lot of rust in it - engine feels like it is "smothering" when driving - my mechanic hates to see me drive up- any clues??? car has 120, 000 miles on it

1989 Ranger Pick+up Engine Other

I need to change the timing belt on my ford ranger. it is a 1989-Ford ranger 2.3 L H N Would you please send me a Valve timing schamatic to mye=mail address
lightbulbartist, Thank you.

1996 Contour Engine Vibration

excessive vibration from engine into steering weheel and fron passenger compartment. worst when car is in gear and idling. have had car tuned, idle motor, cleaned, plugs replaced......engine light is on solid also, , , , is this in the on board computer???

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2000 Explorer Engine Leaking

After shutting off fully warmed vehicle, the strong smell of gas fills the garage and house. Local Ford Dealer smells the same thing when they take the car home with them BUT CAN'T FIND SOURCE - EVEN UNDER PRESSURE.

2000 Explorer Engine Malfunction

I have a 4.0 SOHC ford with no oil pressure, the timing tensioner on the balance shaft broke and I have fixed that, I am hearing an awful noise that I think are oil starved cams or something, I have pulled out the oil pump drive gear and noticed that the intermediate shaft was gummed up as this car has 107, 000 miles on it. I cleaned it up and I know that the pump is working because I put the shaft back in and turned it with a drill and oil shot out the sending unit hole, I still have no oil pressure, and dont know what to look at next, HELP!!!!! a new pair of eyes would be helpful I have worked on this thing for four solid days..... Brooke Frame 1994 Probe Engine Stalling My car stalls while driving - usually 10 or 15 minutes into the drive, about 70% of the time. When driving the same route, it frequently stalls at roughly the same distance, but not always. Doesn't matter what speed or I can be stopped at a light (however, I've been avoiding driving anywhere over 60 km). Stalls once, can sometimes restart while still in motion, but now have to pull over and restart. Was only happening once per trip, but in the last two days it stalls two or three times in a row within a minute of each stall. Sometimes it idles rough, too. My mechanic has done three diagnostics and there are no codes coming up and he is totally baffled. Replaced the battery as it was showing low voltage, but did not fix the problem. However, it did stop occasional whining I was from the alternator belt when starting up, so I don't know if it's related to the stalling problem. Can you give me any clues what to look at?

2000 Mustang Convertible Engine Other

my idle is high, i repaced the idle air control but the idle is at 1500 rpm air conditioning on and 800 AC off the service engine light is also on . this seemed to first happen there was a sound of a vacum leak for a while on start up this went away now i have the service engine light on and idle problem .the service code is po411 secondary air, injection system, incorrect flow . Is there some vacum operated control that raise and lower the idle when the AC is turned on? thanks joe ps it has the 3.8 engine

1990 Country Squire Engine Chugging

My ford wagon has been doing this for a while.
It has been seen by a least 4 mechanics who cant find anything wrong.Everything has been checked.there is always a smell from the engine after it is switched off but its not leaking anything.Some days it goes like a top, others it barely moves.HELP!

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1993 Probe Engine Lagging

Engine light comes on. Fan runs constantly
stalled once. Lacks power. changed thermostat,
sensor 10884 and 12A648 are replaced. These are the water temperature sensors.
Fuel cutout light comes on but reset button does not need to be reset. gas filter is new, all fluids are ok.

1993 Mustang GT Engine Making Noise

Car: 1993 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 H.O

when i turn my car on it sounds fine and everything works, but when i put it in drive after maybe a block or 2 it starts to sound like it is miss firing. then if i give it more gas it back fires, but if i let off it will just sound bad for another 2 blocks of driving at 20-25 mph then it goes away. also it is only in the exhaust on the passenger side of the exhaust.

1993 Explorer Engine Other

removed cylinder heads engine burning antifreez found heads cracked replaced heads new heads not used or rebuild. reassembled engine start run engine still have white exhaust smoke and pushes coolent out of radiator not knowing how hot the engine got the first time the owner said replace the block. I then installed a reman short block, makeing sure every thing was assembled correctly, started engine let it run about 30min topping off the radiator the coolent would rise and pour out of the radiator and still having white exhaust smoke witch could be do to the cracked heads. pulling the spark plugs they are black, also removing the upper intake the ports are wet with gas. please help im at a loss here.

2001 Explorer Engine Slipping

My ford explorer will acellerate in rpms but not in speed. It does this on and off. O/D light blinks, but if I turn car of and on again it is not blinking. Overall the truck has been running great, thought it was either torque converter or OD unit?

1999 Explorer Engine Making Noise

engine makes loud clicking noise when first started then quiets completely within one to two minutes has 56000 miles sounds like lifters

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1994 Escort Engine Overheating

This 1.9 liter engine climes to 3/4 or better on the temp gauge. I have changed the gauge sensor, ECT, flushed and visually inspected the radiator, cleaned debris from between condenser and radiator, changed thermostat (twice!) and checked AllData. They mention a cooling fan control switch that feeds the PCM (engine f/i computer) I have checked the relays and substituted known good relays. What am I missing??? Where is the fan control switch located? Darned if I can find it! Have one coming from Ford but... not sure it they knew what they were ordering. Seemed to be a new guy.

Here's the odd part... turn on the A/C (fan comes on to keep air flow across the condenser) and no problem with overheating.

Thanks for help,

Ken C

1995 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

Our 1995 AWD Aerostar (300+K) recently runs very rough when started warm. No problems after a minute or two or when cold.

1998 Contour Engine Malfunction

There are two oxygen sensors on my 1998 Ford Contour SE with the 2.5L V6 engine. The dealer has replaced one (~2 years ago) the sensor was Bank 1 Sensor 1. My check engine light is on again and I had the codes read, and they indicate oxygen sensor Bank 2 Sensor 1. I don't have any documentation as too which sensor is Bank 1 and which is Bank 2.
I want to make sure I replace the right sensor.

Thanks for any help.

1994 Explorer Engine Leaking

My Explorer's coolant system was neglected and within the last 6 months have replaced the thermostat, thermostat housing, all hoses, heater control valve, water pump and radiator cap. The water pump and thermostat were replaced yesterday due to a heavy leak from the water pump and thermostat area. Upon refilling with coolant, it seemed I still had the same leak. I have now realized that it's not coming from either component, but appears to be coming from the engine block itself, although I haven't been able to pinpoint the leak due to parts obstructing my vision. Could it be the "core plugs" or "freeze plugs" that are now leaking? If so, where can I find them?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

1989 Country Squire Engine Won't Start

89 LTD Wagon with Big eight cylinder, Radiator went do to some road trash bouncing up and punching small hole.

Engine gat very wet and at first would start, after replaced the radiator the car will not start. Will crank and is getting gas. Put a timing light on one of the spark plug wires and it indicated spark.

sometimes it will hit on a couple of cylinders but will not catch

have removed cap and rotor, high preassure air dried that and any other connection along with those spark pug wires I could find.

showing a code IK7 28 on the clock radio

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1998 Escort Engine Smelling


My 98 Ford Escort has a peculiar odor of raw sewage and sometimes it misses gears that result in a jerking motion of the car. Any ideas of what the problem could be?

1988 Ranger Pick+up Engine Won't Start

Fuel injected 4-cylinder version. Will not start and stay running unless accelerator is on the floor and once it starts it needs to run at high rpm for a bit to keep running. It drives fine and idles fine. The problem is just at start-up. Makes no difference if it's cold or hot. I already changed the fuel filter, no difference.

1996 Taurus Engine Making Noise

I have a 96 Taurus wagon with the 3.0 engine. Trani is the AXOD I believe. I have a pulley making a loud squeal noise. Not like an old belt but similiar.At a closer look the pulley has a small chip about 1/4 inch in size. It seems to have a slight wobble. Could this make all that racket? Also, where can I find a pulley diagram online to find out which one it is. Lastly, the car has also developed a small oil leak now. Is that related? Cheers!

1991 Escort Engine Lagging

91 escort GT 1.8 manual I have had this car for 4 months. When I first got it I replaced the EGO sensor(the wire was broke off), spark plugs, roter, cap and wires. It ran fine except when starting you had to crank it over more than normal. It did this before I bought the car. The car ran fine so I left it alone. 2 days ago, when I left for work I noticed It was pinging. As soon as you give it gas it pings, even at idle when you blip the throttle. At about 3000 rpm up it has no power.The idle is a little rough too. It also ran very hot on the highway. When I got home, I checked the timing(right on the money)-ran a compresion test(all with in 5pnds of 175pnds and no leak down) and replaced fuel filter. I have a fuel pressure gauge But there is no schrader fitting and no rubber hose for a tee fitting. I grounded fuel pump on the data link and the pump is working. I also looked for vacumn leaks-Nothing. I pulled the spark plugs and they are white with tiny brown spots- Lean? I ran diagnostics, and it gave me a 02-No crankshaft pin sensor signal And 15-EGOS voltage stays below.55volts (lean). Since the sensor is in the distributer, I replaced it, cleared the codes and it still runs the same. I ran another diagnstic and have no trouble codes? At this point I don't know what to do next. Any information you could offer would be Great. Thank you for your time!

1990 Bronco Engine Stalling

I have changed the spark plugs, cap, rotor, iac, engine coolent temp sentor.the #2 plug is wet from fuel but all the plugs are geting fire. i did compression test on both sides and it was 150 except the #2 was 120. can someone help me ?

thanks Michael

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1997 Thunderbird Engine Other



2002 Lightning Pick+up Engine Other

truck has 17000 miles and is blowing blue smoke on about 50% of cold starts, dealer is telling me its my K and N air filter- sounds fishy to me what do you think?

2001 E+350 Engine Stalling

2001 ford van v10 shuts off while driiving 0-45mph and sometimes at stoplights somedays or months go by and it does not happen then it will shut off 3 or 4 times a day or shut off and on 10 to 15 times while driving and still drive

1987 Bronco Engine Other

i have an 87 ford bronco with a fuel injected 302 engine. i am trying to put a 351 engine in to it but the problem is, is that the 351 is carberated and we can't finish replasing the engine. i was just wondering if there are ways to get this engine to fit and work in my bronco.

1985 Bronco Engine Failing

ok here we go i have a 85 bronco i originally pulled it into my garage cause it was running weak it just happen one day driving down freeway so i got it home and did a compression check turned out two cylinders had no compression so i pulled the heads and it had a blown head gasket so i replaced gaskets and machined the head got a whole new gasket kit put it all back together while i was at it i changed the injectors with some accell 19 pounders put it all back together and it started up find for all of 2 seconds then it started dumping smoke i dont think its oil or coolant but its smells almost like varnished gas but gas is new but does have no heet water remover thinking maybe i had water so it smells almost like a diesal i did do another compression check thinking it might be rings but that one was all within 10 percent of eachother so compression isnt bad i thinking it could be valve timing or a gloged cat but do those explain for smoke any help would be greatly appreciated also all sensor except tps are new also change wires plugs cap rotor recently put msd coil and also control mod is new

wanted to check fuel pressure but unfortunately no shrader valve on the fuel rail/

more about the motor im not sure if its a 302 or 351 all 302 gaskets lined up but you never know also motor has been bored .040 over kinda a frainkenstein motor when i got it

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1988 Bronco II Engine Other

First is has a 2.9l 4x4 manual with 140, 000 on it. It starts right up every time. but when you are at itle it seems to be missing and running rough, as you give it gas it seems to smooth out and revs right up then back fires. You go to pu into gear to go down the road and it acts like there is no power. I have checked timing even checked to see if it jumped timing tearing the timing chaincover off but everything was fine. changed both fuel filters, rotor, cap, sparkplugs, wires. All getting spark and fuel pumps are both running need help and lost?

1993 Festiva Engine Malfunction

I was driving down the street all of a sudden my car died, and it won't start. I changed fuel filter and that wasn't it please help!

1995 Ranger Pick+up Engine Malfunction

Engine has a code po306 miss in number six cylinder?
I just replace the drivers side head, it was cracked in the number 4 cylinder. I have checked the spark wire and spark plug, seems to have good compression, but I don't have an adapter for my compression gauge. What is the next easiest test, I can perform? Any ideas? Injector?

1998 Explorer Engine Won't Start

My 1998 ford expolrer XLT V6 4WD 75, 000 miles has an occaisional problem. Has three happened times. Twice this summer. Sometimes It does not start when the engine is hot. Cranks fine fires but fails to run or idle evenly. I Have scan tool but no error code. Leave it for 1hour to cool and it always starts . If you retry after 30 mins still warm will not start. Battery is new. What component(s) could be causing this?

1996 Explorer Engine Malfunction

I own a 1996 Explorer Sport with a 4.0 liter engine. It has 110k on it. About 18 months ago or 12k the check engine light came on. I had it scanned by a local shop and it read bad oxygen sensors. He said it was best to replace all 3 being it was high mileage. I personally did the work myself and replaced all 3 sensors. Cleared codes and truck ran fine up until 2 weeks ago and the light came on again. Brought it back to my freind and he scanned it again. Reads bad oxygen sensors. What could be causing these codes? If "a" sensor is bad can I isolate the bad sensor out of 3 of them without replacing all 3? I'm pretty handy with a VOM if that helps. By the way, it still performs well even with the lit light.

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1995 Windstar Engine Sticking

I replaced the engine on my winstar about a year ago and just recently my engine is having a very hard time starting only when it rains. Some how water is getting in the engine. My mechanic can't explain it I really need some information on this problem.I feel that if this keeps happening i will need another engine. Would greatly Appreciate any info on this problem. Thank You

p.s It is a 3.8 engine

1965 Mustang Engine Upgrade

I understand that it is quite easy to swap an engine/auto trans. from an 1989-1993 5.0L to my 1965 Coupe. Are written instructions available for this type of swap?

1991 Escort Engine Chugging

car hesitates seems like it will not rev up when fuel feed is depressed rapidly but if you do it slowley it revs ok it also has blo by oil in air filter, we already changed pc valve but i do not know what else would effect the vacume system, the car has 76, 000 miles and the check engine light stays on constantly, my email is

1989 E+250 Engine Other

Ihave oil pressure that goes up and down.Can you flush oil screan with out dropping oilpan.

1987 Bronco II Engine Other

we recently replaced a shorted wire on my 1987 bronco 2 it went to the alternator it melted all the way around to the fusable links at the firewall now when we start the truck the throttle goes all the way open and the truck over revs we have to turn the ignition off to stop it you can even watch the pedal move towards the floor. Where should I check for a short or is it something more simple or am i dealing with a possesed Bronco LOL THanks for your help.

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1989 Bronco II Engine Failing

The clutch has been chugging and making noises when the clutch was in. A mechanic somehow fixed it and said i need to have the cluch pushed all the time and in the future would need a new clutch plate. It was running fine until today when I went out and tried to start it. The truck buckled a little and then the clutch fell flat against the board. I checked the clutch fluid and was just just about empty. I filled it up with brake fluid and the clutch came back up off the floor. The problem is now the pressure is weak and it acts like it isnt pushing the hydrolics. I am unable to shift into any gears. Any advice. Could be air in the lines, but I first pumped the cluch a few times with the new fluid in with the top off to oush the air out, then refilled. Not sure if its the slave cylinder or if theres air in the lines. If so, how would I go about bleeding it or checking?

1997 Taurus Engine Malfunction

Hey, I have a Taurus SHO. I'm thinking there might be a problem with the PCM. The check engine light keeps coming on. Everytime it does, there is a different code from the Snap-On scanner. I'm a mechanic, yet I can't figure this one out. I've always just replaced the part that the scanner/computer said was malfunctioning. The CE light would go off, then come on a short time later with a different code/problem.

So far, I've been through 3 of 8 new ignition coil (CPP), a new EGR valve, new EGR valve sensor, new ECT sensor, 2 new alternators, a few relays, and now supposedly the IMRC is stuck open and there is a problem with the SAI circuit (low voltage). Do you think a PCM would take care of the problem? The car is awesome, but I'm ready to dump it and take a HUGE loss, unless someone can help me.
Thank you for ANY advice possible!!!!

1998 Expedition Engine Won't Start

Engine cranks but won't start. Check iniertia fuel shut of, pushed the button. Still won't start. I'm thinking fuel pump, but a couple of bucks to ask a pro is worth it.

1988 Mustang Convertible Engine Upgrade

i recently purchased an x-cam, along with trick flow twist wedged heads, for my 1988 mustang gt can i just go ahead an install these, or do i need to make modifications to the engine, or the pistons.

1989 Aerostar Engine Hesitating

Hi - I have a 3.0 liter with 5 speed. runs perfectly when cold, but as soon as it warms up it misses and hesitates under light throttle. also misses at idle once warm. under heavier throttle the misses and hesitation goes away. Any help appreciated.

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1997 Thunderbird Engine Other

we are trying to replace our fan belt and we have no pattern

1966 Mustang Engine Making Noise

I put a new flexplate and starter in the car and when you try to start it, it is very loud. The bendix does not seem to want to come out. The trans is a C-4 out of a 70 Maveric. I have installed 3 new flexplates and 2 starters and they all do the same thing. The noise is very loud and of a grinding type. There is a spacer plate between the engine & teans and it is on. What do I do?

1991 Escort Engine Malfunction

The check engine light comes on and off....and the idle is irregular from time to time. I was thinking maybe the O2 sensor, what do you think?

1991 Taurus Engine Other

The engine idles too fast. Can not find vacuum leak. What should the vacuum be at idle? What other problem could cause this?

1987 Tempo Engine Won't Start

engine starts but wont stay running

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1990 Probe Engine Stalling

The Probe starts up good but shuts down after about ten seconds. I have replaced fuel pump & filter, checked the shutoff and its okay. All new spark plugs, wires, distributor, coil and rotor. Had the Ignition modular tested and it's okay. My Probe is a non turbo.

1992 Explorer Engine Making Noise

I have noise coming from engine area (metalic clacking)when transmission is in drive and at idle. Only happens when engine is warm. Noise goes away at about 1000 RPM. I have noticed some variation in oil pressure (intermittenly runs lower than normal reading. Normal pressure is slightly higer thatn mid point on gauge. When it varies, it drops to slightly below the mid point on the gauge. 1992 Explorer with 212, 000 miles. Engine does not burn any oil. Could this be an oil pump problem? Does engine have to be removed to change oil pump?

1998 Ranger Pick+up Engine Hesitating

no o2 sensor data on scan tool shows 0 of 3
checked fuses ok. replaced front 2 o2 sensors
with motorcraft ones.no trouble codes but still
no data?

1984 Thunderbird Engine Malfunction


1994 Explorer Engine Smelling

When i am driving a long distance, I can see smoke and smell what seems like rubber burning. When i inspect under the hood after stopping, i can find nothing burning. Only when driving long distances does this happen. When i drive in town, everything seems fine.

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1989 Ranger Pick+up Engine Malfunction

need to find out were to line up timing marks on crank and cam

1997 Crown Victoria Engine Hesitating

This just started for the first time today. I'll tap the brakes to get the car out of cruise and the "Check Engine" light will come on. Sometimes the "Low Fuel" light will accompany it. At low idle speed, the engine will stall when the brakes are tapped. 117, 000 miles on the Police Intercepter.

1992 Bronco Engine Malfunction

Hey guys- really appreciate your time. I do the same on insurance stuff, spread the knowledge! 92 motor in an 87 frame, EFI, Eddie Bauer edition. Trying to trouble shoot a reving problem. For one- Idle keeps going up & down on it's own, not much but enough to say something isn't right. Replaced the throttle position sensor (you go girl!). Worked ok for a month. Now, when the engine gets warm, it goes to a very high rev state at idle- like 2500. And it's still not maintaining a steady idle, grr. Replaced the EGR & coil. 92 motor in an 87 frame, one step down from the biggest motor in it, 4wd w/lockouts. Think maybe the throttle sensor is cracked and/or not properly positioned? Or anything else you can suggest that would cause a slight up down in rev to not carry a steady idle. Oil pressure also likes to run on the low side, will check the oil pump pickup screen. It also has a transmission kickback thing- if you let up off the accelerator at 40mph -60 mph or so, the engine/trans sort of kicks back, like it goes down a gear in the trans before it really needs to. Hard to explain. Appreciate any advise pertaining to similiar bronco issues
And thanks again for your time. :) Denise

1988 Mustang Convertible Engine Stalling

Car was running ok till last night when it seems one of the cylinders stopped running. I checked the plugs and wires and dist cap, all seem to be fine. What else could it be?

1997 Explorer Engine Other

Hello, there, my explorer is V6, Manual Trans, 170K-Kilometers,
It seems in my muffler, always have lot vapor, specially in a humid day.
Is some thing wrong with it? Can i make it better?
I changed my fuel filter already. Seems nothing changed.

Thanks a lot

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1991 Thunderbird Engine Making Noise

1991 tbird lx when warm and sometimes when cold hesitates and backfires when acceleration over about 1800 rpm. also ide1s at about 1200 rpm and when driving with foot off gas keeps a steady 40 mph or slows just a little. It also backfires when acceration. It is the 5.0 v8.... I have repalce rotor, cap, plugs, plug wires, erg valve. cant find the damn pvc valve or would replace that . any ideas? The car has been sitting for about a year before i bought it . help please

1996 Aerostar Engine Chugging

The CHECK ENGINE light has been on for a while now. Three of the codes point to the emission system, and one to a misfire in cylinder four. After the engine gets warm, and I slow down or stop, when I accelerate the van seems to shudder and vibrate and seems to have no power - I guess you could say the engine is chugging. If I try to accelerate too quickly, the vibration gets worse and the CHECK ENGINE light flashes on and off. I can accelerate slowly and once I get above 50 mph, the van runs fine. I don't know if I have an engine air problem, fuel problem, transmission problem, or what. I have replaced the IDLE AIR CONTROL VVE and the MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR since on my previous 1995 Aerostar those parts were often a problem. Any ideas? I can't afford to take it to a Ford dealer, my favorite garage can't fit me in until next week, and they don't do transmissions, so I'm not sure which shop to take it to. Thanks.

1988 Thunderbird Engine Won't Start

engine starts and stalls

1966 Mustang Engine Won't Start

My car will start while holding the key on start, but when key goes back to the run position it quits. I have changed the starter solenoid on the fender well, also the ignition switch and coil. The engine is a 289 with a Holley 4 barrel carb. It has always ran fine. Just parked it in the garage and now won't start.

1988 Mustang Convertible Engine Malfunction

I have a maf conversion on my car without the vss signals or the fpm2 wires hooked into the computer. When the car goes into closed loop mode after warming it backfires and sputters for about a minute then goes back to normal but it seems to pull back the power compared to when cold. When I try to do a diagnostic test with the engine running with an actron scan tool the first part is a cylinder id which it can never accomplish I tried retarding timing advancing timing even put my foot on the gas but it never completes the cylinder id, it wants me to keep trying I don't know what the problem is please help me.

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1995 Aerostar Engine Chugging

4.0 AWD with 140k miles. Started about 20K miles ago and just gets worse every summer. After engine is turned off hot, is seems loaded up on restart for a minute or two(unless is sits for about 2-3 hours). If the weather is normal or cool there is never a problem. Exact same thing happened on my other Aerostar at about the same mileage. Can't say for sure, but it could be a tad worse with gasahol.

1988 Bronco II Engine Overheating


1988 Taurus Engine Other

The engine races. While performing an underhood giggle and shake, I found a broken hose connector on the MAP sensor. I replaced that (ouch).

1988 Bronco II Engine Malfunction

I have a bronco 2 i flushed the motor now it seams that i mite have cloged the oil pump when it is idling no oil lite but when you rev it up to drive the lite comes on & there is a chattering in the motor! Do you have to drop the oil pan to get to the oil pump? I hope not!!!!!!!!

1985 F+150 Pick+up Engine Malfunction

17 year old daughter is doing 80% of the work to repair her pickup, which she rolled two years ago. She's got it running, almost ready to re-paint. Good lesson for her! BUT: it backfires on start, dies on corners, misses horribly, etc. Partial solution, we seem to have lost a vacuum line or two over the last couple of years. Plug stuff with your finger and it runs much better!!

Where can I get a really good diagram for her vacuum lines? Our manual and the engine sticker are worse than useless, especially since there's another sticker saying there's been emission modifications due to a recall (before we bought the truck). The main culprit seems to be a sort of vacuum-line-manifold with multiple lines underneath the carburetor. Found one end for a missing line on the manifold (don't know what else to call it--can't find it in our book) but can't find where the other end is supposed to go.


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1989 Bronco Engine Upgrade

can i make a better cold air induction to improve the performance of my 1989 ford bronc0 5.0 with out harming the sensors our will i just create problems thank you darryl

2000 F+150 Pick+up Engine Hesitating

I have a 4.2 V6. When driving over 35mph the engine lurches trying to maintain a steady speed. It's usually fine after a cold start until it warms up. I thought it was the transmission slipping, because it was a sudden lurching almost, but it checked out okay. It does a little better when I turn off the O/D. When idling at a signal it struggles and almost sounds like it's about it stall. If I take it out of drive into P or N it settles down; otherwise the whole vehicle shudders with the engine.

I just replaced the air filter and used one of those fuel system treatments, but I think I bought snake oil.

1985 Crown Victoria Engine Stalling

I bought a Crown Vic from a friend, since than, I feel lke I am paying a monthly payment of $500 average on repairs, My car stall when I am waiting for the red light turn green, when turning in less than 10 miles a hour, when breaking, My mechanic could not find the problem and raise the idle on the car, now when I do reverse the whole car will shake and feel like is about to explote and when taking off the wheels will slip in the pavement and the noise of a racing track will disturbe other people.

1995 Taurus Engine Other

KOEO key on engine off test returns fault code 337 "EGR sensor circuit above maximum voltage" Does this mean I need to replace the EGR valve position sensor? If not, what does it mean? engine is 3.2L SHO, VIN "P"


1981 Fairmont Engine Other

Oil is being pumped into air breather from oil filler cap on Valve cover when driving causing air filter to become saturated with oil and entering carburator. could you tell me what the cause for this is and how it can be repaired.

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1999 Explorer Engine Failing

My son threw a piston rod in his 1999 Explorer (4.0L SOHC). I replace it with a junk yard engine, but after connecting everything correctly (I hope), it will not start... just cranks. I have verified fuel and spark but still no luck. Someone mentioned that when replacing the engine, there is a "code" that needs to be reprogrammed. Does that sound right? or am I missing something else that you can think of? Any help you can give is appreciated. I'm stuck! Thanks.

1994 Escort Engine Chugging

Manual transmission. Engine stutters on acceleration. Problem is frequent but not constant. Revving up before releasing clutch sometimes alleviates it.

1995 Thunderbird Engine Malfunction

We have a 95 Tbird with a 4.6L V8. The check engine light keeps coming on. We have had all four oxygen sensors changed within a 3 month period. SPark plugs and wires were changed last year and the EGR valve replaced. The engine runs smoothly and idles fine. We also had the coolant temp sensor replaced. The mechanic said that according to the code, the engine was running lean. We would cancel it out by disconnecting the NEG battery terminal and in about a week, the check engine light would come back on. We checked for vaccum leaks but found none. Any idea why that light still comes on even when there is no apparent change in the cars starting or driving ?

1998 Windstar Engine Other

last night while parked(and running)on a slightly sloped driveway, the engine started running a little rough and the engine light began flashing. I moved the vehicle to level ground and the engine seemed to smoothe out but the light went to a steady on. the engine seems to be running fine now but the light is staying on. I heard several years ago that you could short out the port where they plug in the diagnostic computer and the lights would blink in a pattern to indicate the problem. I think I tried it on a Buick Regal and blew a fuse. I don't think I want to try it on the Windstar.

1992 Explorer Engine Chugging

When under a loan (towing boat or uphill w/ ac on) will 'chug' at 45 + mph. Jerky - jolty. Have replaced computer, MAS, checked sparks and gas flow. All seem fine. ??

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1989 Mustang GT Engine Won't Start

Installed 89 5.0 5 spd into 68 mustang, EFI, computer and all. Starts fine cold and runs without problems. When warm the starter can barely turn motor over. Battery volatage OK at starter relay.(battery relocated to trunk)Acts as if timeing to far advanced or vary high engine compression.

1995 Mustang Convertible Engine Other

I have an engine and transmission from a 1987 E150 (350 and AOD) that I would like to put into a 1995 mustang that needs a replacement engine. Are there a lot of modifications necessary? Would I need to use the 1987 transmission?


1988 Bronco II Engine Other

My engine looses power after it has been driven and warmed up . I loose the RPM's and car will only go about 40 MPH. Had a mechanic check all electrical systems as well as fuel pressure and ehaust. Hehas run out of ideas short of re building engine. He mentioned a backfire on the in take. Any Ideas would be of value

1998 Taurus Engine Sticking

Car coasts a very long time when I let off the throttle from any speed in gear, especially 30-45 mph. Tach doesn't return for many many seconds back to normal idle speed. Also the engine idles at approx 1000 rpm. It this a "normal" thing or do I have a fixable problem?

1997 Explorer Engine Chugging

While I am accelerating and driving my RPMs drop down to below 1000. It feels like it's going to stall, but never does. The check engine light never comes on. I had my mechanic run a computer diagnosis and there weren't any codes.

I regularly have my fuel filter and transmission fluid changed. It was almost time, so I went ahead and had that done. While there I also had them clean the fuel injectors. No help. Any suggestions?

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1987 Bronco Engine Won't Start

sat 4 1 yr ran when purchased now will not start had complete tune up module, plugs, wires, cap rotor fuel injection, harness wire now wont turn over starts very slow

1993 Taurus Engine Malfunction

Low oil pressure light comes on. Can't find low oil pressure switch to replace it. It has a3.8 liter engine.

1992 Tempo Engine Stalling

My 1992 Ford Tempo stalls when driving. I wait a couple of minutes or more and it will then start again. We have replaced the ignition module. HELP!

1989 Escort Engine Hesitating

I have a 1.4 with manual choke. When it is cold it drives very unevenly, misfiring and jolting along the road with the choke out. I put the choke in asap, but the engine still runs badly until it is warm when it runs fine, very smooth and sweet. I have replaced the plugs, checked the HT leads and distributor cap, checked the airfilter and all linkages to the carb which all seem fine. Coil looks a bit rusty, but as it runs OK when warm, presume is OK.

Any ideas?

1998 Escort Engine Malfunction

1998 Ford Escort w/90k miles. Service Engine Soon light on. Diagnostic code P1131. Is it possible to determine the meaning of this code before taking it in for repair?

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1970 Bronco Engine Other

Recently helped friend install remanufactured long block 302. Distributor will not fully seat - about 1/4 inch high (O Ring is visible). Measurements indicate distributor shaft is fully engaged on the oil pump shaft. Appears that the shaft needs to be shorter or somehow seated further into the oil pump. Plan to drop the oil pan, and remove the oil pump for inspection. Any thoughts on what the problem may be?

1986 Bronco II Engine Upgrade

Have a 2.9L project engine. Am wondering if 2.8L carburated intake will fit. If not, is there a carb conversion available?

1987 Taurus Engine Won't Start

hi my car will not start, when i turn it off for an hour it was still hot..., and did not start, and it did not start the next day.
i change the battery, modulater, spark plugs, plug wiers, ignition coil, distributor cap, rotor, the car has full power i turn the kek, and the car trys to turn over but no spark can you help me please

Adam Wilson

1994 Thunderbird Engine Other

Can I change engine & trans from a 2000 Ranger crew cab (4 DR, )w/ a 3.8l v-6, w/ a od trans. It's the exact same configuration as my '94 t-bird's. My car has 70, 000 mi on it. the Ranger has 23, 000 on it. And will the wire looms be compatible?

1994 Explorer Engine Lagging

ok, here it is
I'm getting codes 536 and 538 in running mode and codes 13 and 33 in key on mode.

while driving it really lags in power and the engine temp tends to run towards the hot side.
but sometimes it will just open right up and run normal.

now I know it is either the injectors or the cam sensor.

my question is with these symptoms which sounds like the more likely thing?

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2002 Explorer Engine Stalling

i installed a throttle body spacer, now the idle runs up and down.should i disconnect the throttle position sensor and the neg terminal and reset the computer.should that get the fuel and air mix right?

1994 Thunderbird Engine Stalling

Hi, i have a 1994 Ford Thunderbird 3.8 v6, recently i checked for codes because it was giving a check engine light, the light would come on for at least 20 seconds and it would go away, when it came on the car would not change the way it was operating, it would still work fine. The codes that came up were 335, 326, 327, the 326 and 327 are voltage lower than expected on the PFE, the 335 is voltage lower than expexted on the PFE during KOEO, i decided to change the PFE pressure sensor and now when iam driving while i accelerate the car stalls, when iam at idle it works fine, now this stalling was happening to me before i changed anything on the car its just that it would happen only when i drove the car for at least 3 hours in the daytime, now it does it more, should i change the EGR valve and the EVR solenoid, i have been thrown off since it started to stall more when i changed the PFE pressure sensor. What should i do?

1992 Explorer Engine Won't Start

I have a 1992 Ford Explorer Xlt 4.0 engine. When starting the car cold everything seems ok until it starts to warm up. The idle will rise to 1500 and then drop back to 900 and back up again so on. Once the engine is turned off it will not start again . There is a strong smell of fuel like it is flooded . Diagnostic codes were checked and a 26 was found. The MAF and the TPS sensor was replaced but it did not correct the problem. Any help in this problem?

1989 Mustang Convertible Engine Chugging

I'll be driving along, everything's fine, then I notice the oil pressure drops and the trans has trouble shifting into overdrive and it starts chugging. When I slow down to almost a rolling stop, oil pressure returns to normal.

I've done a tune up, changed trans filter and fluid, replaced the vacuum module, replaced the fuel filter, checked PCV and it's not clogged, checked for vacuum leaks- none found. I'm at a loss.

At times, it runs normally, then all of a sudden this problem starts; sometimes for a few miles sometimes just for a minute. It isn't a constant problem but it's getting worse.

Any advice? Could it be the B-Map sensor?


1995 Windstar Engine Won't Start

It ran fine and then stalled while starting twice and ran until home, about 3 miles with one stumble after about 1/4 mile. It died while idling, wouldn't re-start for 2 cranks and then started on 2-3 cyl.
Next day it started immediately and it ran fine for a few minutes before being shut-off.
Next day wouldn't start, found reference to TPS being a potential problem since no Chk Eng light.
Auto-Zone has analyzer for 96 on, not 95 so got TPS and installed. It started right up and it ran fine for a minute before being shut-off.
Next day plugged the old TPS in and it started, but not immediately, and then died (proves it was the TPS, right?). Reinstalled the TPS and it won't start.
On my 81 Chev the "analyzer" plug could have 2 pins jumped and it would blink a code, anything like that for 95 Windstar? This a typical failure?
Haven't checked fuel, but awfully fast decline for filter plugging, fuel pressure regulator failure?
Crank position?

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1998 Windstar Engine Won't Start

I need help changing the alternator - how do you loosen the belt to attach the new alternator. I know there is a tension pulley I just don't know how to loosen it Help

1994 Explorer Engine Lagging

After driving for 3 hours in the desert the check engine light comes on and the car begins to loose power. Turning the AC off and all other ventilation, helps somewhat but doesn't prevent the check engine light to go on. Once before turning the AC off, the car began to shake like crazy, after coming to a stop. I've had a catalytic converter put in, an transmission flush, at which time the following codes came up: #172 EGO not switching lean bank. #173 EGO not switching right bank 1 - #176 EGO not switching lean bank 2, #177 not switching Rich Bank 2, 188 cruise Rich limit, #542 fuel pump ckt, open ECA to Grd. Nobody can figure out what's going on, not even Ford dealers, who want me to bring the car in when it happens, but it only happens after three hours driving.
Please help me figure this out. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!

1991 Mustang GT Engine Sticking

when ever I push the gas pedal between half way and full throttle and let off, the rpm's stick between 1500rpm and 2500rpm's. It returns to 1000rpms after I turn off car off and restart engine.

2002 Explorer Engine Lagging

I was driving this morning and everything was fine then the check gage light came on and then the service engine light came on and the vehicle did not want to accelerate and the RPM'would not not go past 2. After a little bit it will kick in but if I have to stop it starts all over again and the car does not move fast.

1982 Mustang Engine Other

I am installing a 392 stroker motor in my 1982 mustang. It had a 302 in it, but when i dropped the new motor in, it is not going back far enough to meet the bellhousing of the c4. There is about a 1/2" gap between the motor and the trans. Are the 302 motor mounts interchangeable or do i need different mounts?

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1993 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

After sitting for three days my vehical wouldn't start, loud poping sound which sounded like the silonoid?, I just replaced the starter twice, first time silonoid was not replaced second time both.

Since I moved to atlanta Three months ago I've put 3350 miles on this van since it's tune up; forgot to turn of the lights four times with it sitting fordays at a time...to the point that there was complete silence had it jumped each time. oil light gas come on twice I've had the oil change and added oil stabilizer.(Although the battery's Seven months old, could it now be discharged from the excessive deadening of the battery?)

Vehicle not starting Continued:

{I tried starting the van from the silonoid noticing a very slowe turne, re hook silonoid wen't back to attempt a start from ignition, sat on it for about 2 min and it begun to slowly turn/ Bam running like new, power fine, {did notice a leak from the filter so I had the oil changed; which was do in three days, and all fluids checked.

Next day morning, I started the van, let it run for few and cut off then started again no proublem. Five oclock that evening I tried starting it again, like befor, battery and oil light on, though this time there was a soft start, also notice water spot below tail pipe. {To top it off} there has been an oil leak from the center of th oil pan not very small but anuff to leave a spot. Could this be a gasket or>>>>? Should I start saving my allowance, just joking but real....help please

1993 Probe Engine Lagging

engine light on, fan comes on and does not go off again, when the car is warmed up. fuel cutout light comes on but it does not need to be reset. Checked the diagnostic and it gave me code 69. I changed 10884 and 12A648 water temp sensors and that hasn't done it. I'm thinking cooling fan relay. As I have already spent $70 for sensors I need to be sure.

1988 Bronco II Engine Other

would like the fireing order and to know what plug is #1

1988 Bronco II Engine Overheating


1992 Escort Engine Malfunction

Our 1992 Ford Escort dies when the car is driven in overdrive. It'll run fine for 2-4 minutes and then just quit. It usually takes 15-20 minutes before the car will start again. During that 15-20 minutes the car will turn over but just won't start. (If the car is run in regular drive, it runs loudly and uses more fuel but it doesn't quit/die.) We've had it into one of the local Ford dealers 3 times recently (they've replaced the timing belt, replaced the plugs and wires and flushed the transmission) but none of this has fixed the problem with the overdrive.

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1988 Thunderbird Engine Upgrade

I am changing out my 5.0 to an HO 5.0. Being that the timing is different, can the computer be swapped out to get the correct timing or replacing the cam is the only way to get correct timing. Is there anything else I need to swapp out also to be able to take full advantage of the HO performance?

1996 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

While driving check engine light came on and started to over heat. Towed to ford dealer, replaced both heads engine was running rough when picked up. It was diagnosed to be the transmission which was then replaced, still running rough. Replaced mass air sensor, cleaned injectors 4 times, new cam sensor, replaced one O2 sensor still have the problem. Runs rough when there is a load on the engine especially when the a/c is on and your accelerating or traveling up a grade.

1997 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

I have a 1997 aerostar 4.0 I notice when driving at low speeds the egine will surge like your giving gas and letting up but this will go away as you pick up speed. Also when you slow down from highway speeds and then resume or lets say accelarate it will miss out a couple of times then as you get up to speed this goes away. Took to ford they said fuel pump was bad put in new one 425.00 Still the same thing Other then this runs real good any ideas.

1994 Probe Engine Other

Manual transmission.
When warm the car idles irradically . some times it goes up to 2, 000 rpm then back to normal rpm.

It also has a slight hesitation when driving, if I back off the gas and then press down to accelerate. Its not a gear slip.

2003 Taurus Engine Lagging

I just bought this car used about three weeks ago. It has 79, 000 miles on it. The check engine light has been coming on periodically. It flickers on, and then the next time I use the car it is off. Sometimes two days will go by and it won't come on, and the third day it will come back on. The first week, a mechanic used a computer to check out the light and said there was "no code". The engine has been running fine until today. I offered a ride to a friend and her three children, and I noticed that the car lagged with the extra weight. I had to press much harder than usual on the gas pedal to get to 65 miles per hour. I also noticed that the engine sounded as though it were revving higher than usual. The RPM's were just above '2'. After I dropped them off, the engine continued to rev higher (I heard that slight whine). I noticed that the check engine light had come back on. I also noticed that I had used an 1/8th of a tank of gas going only about 16 miles. I did have the AC on.

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1985 Thunderbird Engine Won't Start

I have an 85 turbo coupe.Does this motor have an ACT sensor?(air charge temp)After 3 tries the motor will start but runs real sluggish until it warms up and then it is fine.Would the ACT sensor cause the problem or is it something else?

Dave N.

1991 Explorer Engine Leaking

I have a coolant leak although it never drips water on the pavement I can see from under the vehicle the water is coming from the back of the engine it has 4.0 V-6 it is very small leak requiring additional coolant about once a month. I cannot determne where exactly it is coming from.

1999 Explorer Engine Other

engine misses when I drive cruise speed, foot is holding car at steady speed @ about 1500 rpm a steady miss occurs.A low rpm miss. I put new plugs & wires and cleaned injectors. Made it better but did not fix.
ckeck engine light is not on. What should i look for next?


1987 Bronco II Engine Stalling

engine seems to run fine when cold. idles warm, until you crack the throttle. then dies. will not restart until it cools off. completly baffeled. any ideas?

1997 Escort Engine Other

Where is the thermostat located

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1995 Explorer Engine Hesitating

Every time I start the engine cold for the first five to ten minutes the engine hesitates unless I push the gas hard then it takes off like a bullet. This is very consistent. Never after 5-10 minutes. I've changed the Air filter, spark plugs and wires. The temperature gauge doesn't seem to read accuratley but may not be related. If you have any Ideas they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

1988 Thunderbird Engine Hesitating

The car is a Turbo Coup. When the engine warms up to a certain temperature- maybe 100 or 120 degrees or so- it misfires for about 2 minutes wheather driving or parked. If accelerating, it is undrivable and I must pull off the road till it warms up a little more. Then it is good until the engine completely cools down again. I replaced the TFI module and oxygen sensor but there was no change. I took it to a Ford dealer and they said it would stall during the diagnostic test and that they wouldn't do any more before replacing all parts that didn't say FORD on them including the TFI, coil and stator assembly. Looking through the old receipts from the former owner, I found that the same dealer had replaced all of these parts for the same complaint in Nov. 1999. This seems to be a common problem because I see ads for cheap Turbo Coupes with the same problem.

1998 Mustang Engine Hesitating

im having problem starting car in the morning and when its been sitting for a while. it used to start once you hit the key but now it just cranks and while it cranks sometimes it pops, like a backfire. i know u dont pump the gas on fuel injected cars but if i pump it alot and hold it when i hit the key then it will turn on. but it still hesitates and i have to hold down the gas for the rpm to go up.i know a little bit about sensors and all and i belive it might be the fuel pump, fuel regulater, and someone said about the mass airflow sensor but how would i know . hook it up please

1989 Escort Engine Other

I need to know where the vacuum line for the Maniflod Absolute Pressure sensor is supposed to be connected as it is missing from my car and i can't figure out where it was supposed to be

1993 Explorer Engine Malfunction

My Explorer has a check engine light come on mementarily when I accelerate at high speeds, go over a hill on the expressway, or have a load on the truck. It almost never does it below 50 mph. I can hear a pinging noise, like a spark knock, and it just doesn't have any power. I have brought it to the dealer and they couldn't get any codes out of the computer. Can a bad catalytic converter cause this, or does it sound like a stretched timing chain?

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1996 Mustang Engine Upgrade

I swaped engines with a 1998 mustang both engines 3.8l, i put the 1998 in my 1996, wont start, acts like timing a little bit, not sure.I'm getting 40lbs fuel pressure at the check valve, no bleed off. I pulled a plug and i'm getting fire. The engine also cranks alot slower almost like draging. Have any idea why it wont start? the new engine only has 32, 000 miles on it. Is there any dirrerance between the two engines, do i need to swap something over?
Thanks Alot,

1994 Mustang GT Engine Other


1989 Mustang Convertible Engine Won't Start

Can you please tell me the location of the "Fuel Pump Relay" on my 1989 Mustang 5.0 Liter.

1991 Mustang Engine Failing

I Have a 91 Mustang 2.3L EFI 5 speed that runs great with no check engine light, but shutsdown (like turning off the key) when driving.
Makes no differance hot or cold engine, wet or dry days, sometimes runs for an entire day and quits on another day. It will restart after waiting 15min to 1hr. but this tends to make me late for work and doesn't go over well with the boss!

Tested parts: Manifold Ignition Module (tested good)

Replaced parts: 1.Fuel filer @ gas tank
2. Fuel pump & sock
3. Integrated Control Module (black) Pass. fender weld. (was told this has the fuel pump relay?)

Any other ideas what could be making this shutdown?

1988 Mustang GT Engine Chugging

The engine chuggs when driving in 3-5th gears at 1700 to 1900 RPM. Happens only when warm. If I am accelerating through the gears there is no chugging. Only seems to happen whn on a road that has a speed limit of 55MPH at a speed on 55 to 60 MPH. Work that has been done is tuneup, changed the tfm module on the distributer new distributer, wires, plugs, air filter, thurmistat, fuel filter. I purchased the car used.

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2003 Mustang Convertible Engine Other

Are there two magnets for the sensor at the back of the crankshaft pulley or just one?

1974 F+350 Pick+up Engine Other

I have a '74 F-350, 390 bored .40 over, Edelbrock Performer intake, 1850 Holley 4bbl carb. Recent repairs/improvements include, chaged points to Pertronix elec. ign., rebuilt carb. I continue to have trouble with extremely rough idle, acceleration and power are fine. While searching for vacum leaks, I discovered that if I disconnect PCV valve from carb. the idle smooths right out, but it sounds like a Hoover vacum cleaner. I replaced the PCV valve but it made zero difference. It still idles very rough unless I pull the vacum line loose from the carb. or the PCV valve. Can you help?

1994 Explorer Engine Malfunction

Check engine light goes on/off and engine looses power. No response pushing the pedal until downshift kicks in. Problem occurs after driving for 3-4 hours at highway speeds with transmission downshifting, when going up hills for example. Is okay driving all day when not having to downshift.

The ignition timing seems like it is retarding and advancing incorrectly on its own. Once the problem starts, continues even in stop and go driving. Have to really punch the accelarator to get going. Switching the engine off for about 10 minutes usually corrects the problem.

My service in Mexico is limited. Checked codes but nothing significant (CEL not on at the time). Replaced plugs and wires. Cleaned air filter and MAP. Same problem.

2001 Focus Engine Stalling

when engine is warm and going up a hill. The engine stops, there is no power, but engine will start right back up.

1988 F+150 Pick+up Engine Malfunction

How can I adjust the timing for a 88Ford 150XL 4.9L with TFI-4 igition system without overhauling the enging?

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2000 Mustang GT Engine Stalling

Thanks for the help. Car will sometimes want to stall after start and only when accelerating after not being driven for 1-2 days. Will "pop" through the exhaust if given modest amount of throttle but if very lightly given throtle will only buck or almost stall. After, the car seems fine after the mild buck or pop and performs normally. Does not SEEM to happen if car is driven every 8 or so hours. Changed fuel filter, injectors, and plugs - no help. Engine Modifications thus far - 2.5 cat back, Hypertech programer (problem with or without program installed), Steeda timming adjuster (problem with and without any adjustment) cold air kit/k&n, C&L maf meter, C&L upper plenum, batery trunk mounted, 180 temp stat. 65, 000 miles had problem since about 12, 000 miles with no engine modifications and just now is getting more often. Thanks.

1995 Contour Engine Won't Start

I have a shop in central west Georgia one of my customers brought in a 95 ford contour that was not running they shut the car off and it would not start when I tryed to scan the computer on the car it will not link up it just shows data comunications fail so I checked for blown fuses did not find any any help would be greatly appriciated I know have 2 of these cars at my shop the other one that came in is a 96 did not have any problems scanning it the timing belt broke on it also both cars have the ztec 4 cyl engines do they bend valves when the belt breaks

1995 Probe Engine Making Noise

Engine has 80K miles on it. Makes tapping noise when cold, but the sound goes away after about 10 minutes. Recently though, tapping can still be heard very slightly. Don't think it is a valve-tap. Could it be a cracked manifold or manifold studs? Thanks.

1989 Aerostar Engine Malfunction

Engine idle sometimes goes up and down when in gear and brakes are applied. Engine does not backfire or hessitate when the van is moving. There is no black or white smoke coming out the exhaust. Engine does not stall. Idle does not go up or down when transmission is in park. Engine trouble light does not turn on until i make a turn, then the engine trouble light comes on. This change in idle speed happens about twice a day. Engine trouble light turns on after about 10 minutes of driving, and it turns on after making a turn? There is a small coolant leak in one of the radiator hoses, but i keep the coolant level at the correct level. The van does not overheat even when it is used in traffic for about 40 minutes. The van has no problems with accelerating or decelerating or bad fuel economy. Van has no problems in starting up cold every morning, it always starts on the firt try. Van has also passed the arizona emissions inspections.

Is there a possibility of a sensor going bad which causes the idle to sometimes vary? If so, which one is going bad.

The engine trouble light coming on with no change in the vans performance is strange. Engine light does not come on when the idle varies. Seems to be two separate items going on with the van. Idle varies but engine light does not turn on and engine light turns on and idle does not vary?

1994 Explorer Engine Malfunction

Started using oil recently, about 1 quart in 1000 miles, but bad pinging on uphill started same time as oil consumption. No obvious oil burning or leaks.

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1993 Mustang Convertible Engine Other

Trying to remove bolt on front of crankshaft. Have crankshaft locked so it will not turn. Even with a breaker bar and cheater I cannot get the bolt loose. Any ideas? Please and thanks!

1999 Explorer Engine Other

Oil pressure gage shows no oil pressure, until the engine is hot.

1993 E+150 Engine Malfunction

Hi guys
I own a 1993 e150 with a 5.0 engine and 80, 000 miles.On my back from Fla.doing about 75 mph going up a slight incline the van started to vibrate a lot, would not maintain steady mph, temp started to rise to 3/4 reading. If I let off the gas and accelerate again it runs ok for a while and it starts again.
I brought it to a trans shop and they told me the overdrive converter and overdrive clutch was not working correctly. Since this happens when o-d is working I had the unit rebuilt and a new converter installed but the problem is still there.It feels like a few cylinders are not working, so I pulled the plugs and found the insulators white and blistered. I checked fuel pressure and it is good, and I was able to brake rev it and the problem came in fuel pressure stayed the same. I hooked up a snap-on scanner and it will only read codes no data, no codes found. I put on a vac gauge and it reads ok but no more brake revving, it strains it too much. I think it is a ctc-converter problem but can't figure out why it comes and goes. Any input is greatly appricated. Thank you

1989 Mustang Engine Chugging

waking car up from 5 year nap. Engine is a rebuild with only 28, 000. have installed new plugs. is getting air. removed gas tank and dumped old gas. fuel pump is working. exhaust not a problem. Even dumped fuel system cleaner in it. New battery. Problem: when you can get it to start it will set there and chug. Eventually you can give it enough gas to get the RPM, s up and it sounds great then you let it back down to an idle and it will run good and then for no apparent reason start to chug and die. Then won't start again until turned over several times. seems to be getting fire. looked at vaccum for leaks(none that are obvious. Hope this is enough info. Got a suggestion??

1995 Mustang Engine Overheating

I have a 1995 Mustang with a 3.8 L and manual transmission. Six months or a year ago, the radiator was replaced because of a leak. Recently, I have noticed an odor of antifreeze outside the car after driving. The radiator appears to stay full, but the reservoir requires frequent filling. The temperature guage fluctuates wildly and the climate control never heats up appreciably. I have not noticed cloudiness in the oil, nor do I see white exhaust while at speed. I am a "shade tree mechanic." I have bought a thermostat under a hunch. If it does prove to be this, could you advise me as to the installation. Thanks in advance.

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1989 Taurus Engine Making Noise

I beleive my 89 Taurus SHO starter just went. Where is the starter located and is it hard to replace?

1997 Windstar Engine Overheating

My car has been overheating for a couple weeks now. It seems to spike quickly and then go down when stopped or pulled over. Sometimes it wil spike and then go to normal for the rest of the day. Today was different I could barely drive 1 mile before I had to pull over. The radiator over flow still had water in it. I believe it is the themostat, but the car has 115, 000 miles on it. Is there something else that could be causing this problem?

1993 Crown Victoria Engine Malfunction

I purchased a 1993 Crown Vic with 281 4.6L.
It has been sitting for 2 years. It starts
great and makes no noises in engine at all.
When it warms up the oil light comes on and the
lifters start chattering. What are the chances
the oil pick-up screen has hardened and not
letting oil come thru????

1993 E+150 Engine Sticking

when i start it the starter keeps turning i replaced firewall mounted silinoid and new starter still happens, i changed the starter because it was clicking and no starting now it starts but still spins

1997 Taurus Engine Hesitating

97 Taurus Gl, 150, 000 miles. Engine or Trans will sometimes produce a loud almost electric like winding sound when accelerating. Also Accelerating or on the highway accelerating it will sometimes start acting up and feel like your are driving into a very strong wind or thru water. Please tell me it's not the tranny?

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1992 Explorer Engine Making Noise

I used a stetscope to narrow it down to the #6 cylinder I hear the noise more coming out of the intake manifold it is inconsistant and more rapit upon accelleration the noise ceases when I disconect the spark plug wire for that cylinder and starts back upon connection of the wire #6 cylinder
the plug is carbon filed I just replaced the heads w valve job and the lifters

1992 Mustang Engine Won't Start

my car earlier this morning started right up with no problems. when later today having it sit for about more then 8 hours, i went to start the car up and at the first try it was turning but not catching. then i cut it off and turn the key again and it wouldn't start. doesn't sound like a clicking noise so i dont think it is the battery.

2000 Taurus Engine Stalling

engine lt came on and ford dealer computer showed 2 sensors bad and was replaced. Prior to replacing while driving even pace car would start acting like it was goint to die/almost like running out of gas then after a minute or so continued driving it would be ok. sensors helped a wk or so and started again took to garage he looked at cooling sensor it was fine. he replaced fuel filter and spark plugs which needed replacing; drove about a wk and it is starting again. It is like it starts missing. I put 93 oct in it a few times prior to these episodes; brakes need rotors and pads bad; also before the above events I thought I smelled something different coming thru vents where air cond like a coolant smell/also on 2 occassions car warm once and cool once after going in store and back out upon starting smoke has come out from under front part of hood/When you get started driving it is fine again. Temp guage stays normal and no lts on.

1994 Mustang GT Engine Vibration

My son's 1994 Mustang GT, 5.0, 5spd., has a "horrible entire car shaking vibration" at all rpm ranges, esp. 1000 rpm. (once, the idle dropped down and it smoothed out for a "split second") Problem started when he started it up, prior it was okay. He had installed a performance chip in the intake, which we pulled out, and problem still exists. Had Ford recalibrate the computer, no change, they said it was plugs. I changed plugs, ck'd. plug wires, no change. Had an expert mechanic check it, and said it appeared to be a clutch problem/vibration. I pulled the flywheel and clutch and cannot find any visible problems. (I forgot to mark the flywheel and I read the 5.0 is externally balanced, will be a problem when I re-install the flywheel?) I am having the flywheel resurfaced & balance ck'd., (or should I replace the flywheel?) replacing the pressure place, disc, throw-out bearing, pilot shaft bushing. The mechanic said the harmonic balancer appeared okay, but could the key have sheared and locked the balancer off center as a possiblity? When I get the clutch replaced and the problem still exists, what then? Engine problem? Will appreciate your help.

1989 Escort Engine Won't Start

This car sometimes will not start when it is cold. It will start later. The engine cranks but does not fire. What might be causing this?

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1998 Explorer Engine Overheating

98 Explorer Sport 4.0 has plenty of coolant, and radiator fan is working, but still overheats quickly.

1998 Windstar Engine Stalling

My windstar is stalling when I shift it into reverse or drive. It idles fine when in park or neutral. I have already replaced the IAC. What else could it be?

1998 Explorer Engine Chugging

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer that has begun chugging or stuttering when I am accelerating (not everytime, but quite often). It occasionally does the same sort of thing while I am driving at a continuous speed - generally 30 mph or less. In addition, the "check engine" light is always on. Help!!

1995 Explorer Engine Hesitating

My 4.0L Explorer surges when the RPM's are higher than idle. It will do this if you try to hold the RPM at any steady RPM for example 1500 in park. When you are driving it is most noticable when excelerating. I scanned it and replaced the EGR position sensor which cleared the check engine light. There was a memmory code 157 so I replaced the MAF sensor. I have replaced the TPS, CKS, IAC. I installed a fuel pressure guage and it holds steady at 30 psi, when I remove the pressure regulator vacum hose the pressure goes to 40 psi.

2002 Explorer Engine Stalling

i installed a k&n fipk and a helix throttle body spacer to my truck.the idle now runs low and stalls. i disconnected the neg terminal to reset the computer, not much help. should i clear the computer again?

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1994 Explorer Engine Other

Check engine light comes on after engine warmes up.get codes: 558, EGR Valve Regulator solenoid circuit fault..and code 332, Insufficient EGR flow detected.What to do? Erik.

1981 300 Engine Making Noise

I got a f150 300 that runs great and it was given to me and ever since i got it it has a very slight pinging noise.. the truck Runs great.. I did an oil change and then had to replace pump(which i think may have been bad)the reason i say that is because while replacing the pump the old filter which had about 50 miles on it was filled with choke cherry pits from a tree and i am guessing from a mouse i seen running around inside the interior right after i got the truck...i replaced the pump and found the same thing in the oil pan..cleaned it out replaced the pump..still has a pinging noise so i changed the oil and filter again and this time went with a 15/40 oil and when i replaced the filter again more cherry pits plugging holes in filter...my question is how do i clean this out and do you think the bearings are bad(there was no metal shavings in the oil pan just choke cherry pits....any suggestions you can give would be great the truck has 87, 000 miles and i am at my wits end...please help!

1998 Escort Engine Won't Start

I just need to know how to loosen the tension for the accesory belt so I can replace it

1998 F+150 Pick+up Engine Smelling

How is a Heater core replaced in a 1998 F-150 series truck?

1996 Mustang Convertible Engine Vibration

Had been running fine. After sitting undriven for about 36 hours I started it up and notice a pronounced shaking as well as "check engine" light flashing. The "check engine" light has always been sometimes on and sometimes off, but this is a flashing. The shaking feels like the engine is not balanced. This was not occuring before. Oil was a bit low so I added a quart and shaking did not diminish.
Thank you.

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1988 Escort Engine Other

where is the temperature sending unit on my car? I need to check it since my temperature guage dos'nt work.

1988 Bronco Engine Malfunction

Hello from B.C.Canada

My bronco has a rebuilt 351m with about 45, 000 kms. It runs fine until recently it started loosing rpms while idling at a stop in drive.The rpms drop erratically from 700 to 400 approx.It will stop if I put it in neutral or park.Also check engine light flashs in colder weather about 5 times pause and 5 more until it is warmed up.It does this some days and others it doesnt.
I have taken it to a shop that I deal with occasionally, they anaylized it for an hour while it was doing this the whole time and got no codes.
They cleaned the I.A.C. motor & passage and even ordered a new one to try it but it didnt stop the problem.

They said they dont know what it was and it could take hours or days to find it but I wasnt about to play that game at 75 an hour.

I recently changed the plugs, wires & fuel filter, and have tried different brands of fuel to see if it was bad gas still no luck.

I have had this problem now for about 2and a half months even though the truck runs excellent any other time. I have to drive 1100 kms in the next month and would like to solve this once and for all. Any help would be greatly appreciated,



2000 Explorer Engine Stalling

Now the weather is cold here and the Explorer is having trouble starting with temperatures under 30 degrees. i have a car starter for it and the car will start for about 30-45 seconds and run at about 2000rpm then hover around 500 rpm then stall out. even when i start it i need to feather the gas pedal so it warms up a lil bit. I have used Heet dry gas on 2 tank refills and fuel injector cleaner. I am lost now. I went to Auto Zone and they hooked the comp up and they had a reading of "bank 1 and 2 running lean". I am not sure what that means or i am not sure he had any idea. After the explorer is started and i shut it down then it will start right up without any hesitations til the engine gets cold. Ok thanks for your time and i hope i gave you anough info. thanks again Joe

1987 Mustang GT Engine Making Noise

1987 Mustang GT 5.0 HO with T-5 super duty tranny, Flowmaster stage 3 cat back, 30lb injectors, 130 amp alternator.When not in gear and i rev the motor i get a grinding noise at about 4500 rpms, and the car shakes a little bit when returning to idle at about 3000 rpms.The sound seems to be coming from/around the smog pump. Can i by-pass the smog pump and the car still run properly?I live for horsepower not emissions! What other componants can i safely by-pass(besides a/c)without comprimising the engine running safely?I'm also looking to buy a Wieland bolt on supercharger for my car, what other parts would be essential and/or necassary to do this? I'm currently running a stock cam and have a pair of shorty headers on order.I've read all the questions and answers in your column by the way and would eventually like to put a fogger system on my car also.Thanks for your time and help

1990 Mustang Sedan Engine Hesitating

I have a 2.3 L, 4 cylinder 5 speed. When I am accelerating in 2nd and 3rd gear between 2000- 3000 RPM. It is hesitating like it is going to stall. When it hits about 3000RPM it kicks in and goes good. What would that be?
Also how do I know if I need more clutch fluid and where do I find where to put it in? Can you send me a picture?

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1987 Thunderbird Engine Overheating

2.3l t-coupe t-bird overheating when at idle, fan dosen't engage till it's in the red zone, replaced hoses, thermistat, flushed, checked pump, pump has no play in shaft, it's a little better, but not fixed, don't know what else to do.

1988 Bronco II Engine Stalling

the fuel pump comes on when i turn the key.but when i start it the rpm goes to 3000 then stalls.after a few tries it will run for a little while but the rpms go from 500 to 1500.the only way to keep it running is to keep my foot on the gas. any ideas?

1994 Taurus Engine Leaking

My 94 Taurus SHO is leaking some kind of fluid from around the firewall side of the engine. I can't tell where its coming from, but it leaks onto the catylitic converter shroud. I see no evidence of leakage in the upper end "cam shroud" or whatever you call it. Any help would be great, thanks.
P.S. DOC Yamaha 3.2 w/ 153, 000 miles.

2000 Mustang Engine Other

I have a mustang GT 8 cyc. I was told that i had some sludge in my engine so i used a engine cleaner and changed the oil and filter.now i have a service engine soon light. also what else can i do to remove the sludge.

1992 Escort Engine Sticking

Engine fails to deceleration immediately after acceleration. Continues to surge when shifting or coasting. Not a cable problem (throttle springs back appropriately).

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1989 Escort Engine Won't Start

1989 ford escort. no start, no spark or fuel but fuel is getting up through the filter but will not come out injector. checked timeing belt, coil, tfi module, and stator all good. do these have a power relay that controls spark and fuel?

1987 Bronco II Engine Won't Start

Have an 1987 Bronco 2 2.9L that will not start when cold. Put a new oxygen sensor in it the other day and the next day it would not start. Checked for spark which it has and checked the fuel pressure and it came right up. Next checked the spark plugs and they were all foiled, replaced those and the wires and it started up, then tried to restart it and it had some hesitation but started. Would start fine when it was warm but with a little hesitation. NExt morning when it was cold wouldn't start. Got it started with starting fluid and it ran fine and would restart once warm but again with hesitation. So I pulled out the new oxygen sensor and put back in the old one. Started with no hesitation about three times, then even though it was warm was having troubles starting, so I pulled the battery negative cable to reset the computer and seemed to fix it. THis morning when it was cold went out to start it and it wouldn't start. ANy ideas?

1978 F+250 Pick+up Engine Malfunction

will i expect bent valves if timing chain slipped?

1998 Escort Engine Won't Start

I want to know if I need a new engine if my car does not start up. Could it be another problem? If I need an engine how much should I pay for an used one or a new one. Thanks for your help!

1994 Tempo Engine Other

The engine has been smoking from the air breather on top of the valve cover also from the air cleaner, I also found a little oil build up in the housing of the air cleaner. A mechanic looked at it and told me that there was carbon build up in the exhaust which caused a blockage in the exhaust system. The engine runs very smooth with no hesitation. Is this possible? And if so is this something I can do?

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1999 Escort Engine Making Noise

This noise seems to be comming from the valvetrain, I took the valve cover off, pulled the rockers - checked trunions and rockers for wear and cracks, no problems found. Pulled the lifters, checked for wear and "flat" spots on the rollers. Nothing seemed bad. None of the valve springs were broken. But under a no load condition (car sitting in park) or going into passing gear it makes a terrible clatter/rattle that seems to be comming from the top end mostly between #3 and #4. It's getting progressively worse and I can't seem to figure out what it could be. The car runs perfectly fine except for this problem and I don't want it to get any worse. Any ideas on what could cause this noise without any broken or worn parts?

1993 Escort Engine Making Noise

Makes a ticking noise coming from cylinders #3 and possibly #4, but only when engine has warmed up. Absolutely no noise when engine is cold. I replaced all 4 fuel injectors, replaced all 8 roller lifters, inspected rocker arms and moved them from original position to a new cylinder (eg.. rockers from #4 moved to #2 cylinder). Compression tests from cylinders are:
____#1 __#2 ___#3___#4
COLD 160 170 170 180
HOT 175 180 170 190

Engine often misses, sputters and jerks when engine has idled for a while and then driven. Once driving down the road, and the engine starts to cool down, it no longer sputters and misses, but still makes ticking noise. Rate of ticking seems to be related to the RPM of the engine.

After a lot of testing, inspection, and replacing parts, the engine STOPPED making the ticking noise for approximately 100 miles. Hot or cold, it didn't tick. Thinking it may have gone away, and it was possibly carbon build up, I Added some Chevron Techron Fuel system cleaner at 1/2 tank and filled the tank with 91 octane at a local gas station. I started the engine and within 30 seconds, the tick came back and continues ticking like it did before. I have also replaced the spark plugs, wires, pcv valve with no effect.

1994 Probe Engine Won't Start

1994 ford probe se 5speed, engine turning but will not start, did timing, change plugwires, plugs cap, rotor brush getting good spark, checked fuel pump good, can the computer go bad, if so can the same from a automatic work.

1994 Ranger Pick+up Engine Won't Start

My Ranger pickup sometimes won't start after you drive for a while and turn it off, then when it cools off for a while it starts. It usually happens in very hot and humid days. One time it happened at a friend of mines house and I had the hood open. I tryed to start it and it seemed like it wasn't getting any fire or either fuel. I watched the sun going behind the house gradually until my engine was covered by shade. About 5 or 10 minutes later it started right up. I've given it a tune up: plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor and air filter. I was wondering if you have any idea what might be causing this problem.
Also, I was wondering if there is a place on the internet to find a diagram of my firing order? It's a 3.0 liter V-6 and has a miss in it and it didn't start missing until after I changed plugs and wires.
Thank you,
Tracy Chaney
Marengo, Ohio

1993 Explorer Engine Other

I had talk to len i beleave on a coolent problum,
now i have number 5 cylinder burning oil on a reman
engine. How can i go about finding out why. I put
140 miles on engine and is down 1 qt, the plug is black.

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1994 Thunderbird Engine Tuning

I used a performace chip ( superchip) in my car for about 3 yrs. A few months ago my car started to mis-fire and i took it in to the dealer.The diagnostic showed a bad PCM(ECU) and a part number was issued. I later purchase the part and install it myself with out the chip. Problem fixed? Sort of. The car wasnt missing anymore but now it had a speed limiter at 80mph. 80mph!!!! My car initially had a limiter at 110mph and that was removed when i purchase the superchip for my car. Well i thought if i replaced the chip on this PCM everything would be fine.That didnt solve anything. The car would not turn on with the chip installed.So i removed it. I have talked to many people in three different dealerships and no one can help me. They all say its the right part and it cant be returned.What can i do. I have invested lots of money on performance parts on my car and i cant even go to the track anymore??? Please help! West

2003 Ranger Pick+up Engine Other

When I start the motor cold it doesn't have the fast idle, I've to pump the gas to start it. what would be the problem. MY truck has a 191, 000 miles on it.

1991 E+150 Engine Other

Engine has a very fast idle. guess about 2800rpm.+/-
Have checked the following: Idle air by pass (cleaned and 9volt check) swapped out with another idle bypass no difference.Installed a new gasket. Throttle Position sensor checked out. Removed throttle plate body and checked, throttle plates are not bent and seat OK no gaps when closed. New gasket installed. Egr valve removed and checked with vacuum, works fine. Tested EGR valve positioner with scan tool OK. Engine vacuum holds at 20+ ". The original code on KonEoff was 31 No other codes. Reset with battery disconnected for 10 min. and now no codes only 1 - 1. Sprayed as best as posible Wd40 around intake, no difference in idle. Plugs likenew. Gave in bought &
Installed new EEC computer, idle slowed up a little dropped maybe 120 +/- Has computer contolled idle.
Idle set screw not a problem. Starts immediately, stops the same (no run on)smooth running. Looked for shorted wires in injector wiring harness, looks great shape. Can pull off the vac line to the MAP will almost die out and then speeds up even faster, and riches up mixture and produces black exhaust smoke. Have not pulled distributor or pulled the ign. control module, but usually if they go bad, no fire.
Throttle cable ok, What am I missing?

1995 Mustang Convertible Engine Other

My 95 mustang 3.8 was replaced with a used motor. now all the time it will barely even move once the rpms get up to 2500 the car will go but with a severe power loss. it has 65 k on the motor, compression is 160 in every cyl, an off road dual exhaust with flowmasters are installed, every sensor has been replaced along with the fuel injectors and it has a new computer. also i noticed the headers get cherry red and it back fires. even in nuetral the engines rrevs very slowly. the only thing i haven't checked is the timing but it starts up ok, 3 mechanics have not been able to help me, could the motor just jumped time by a tooth or 2? everything is new coil pack, cam sensor, there is no distibutor

1994 Aerostar Engine Leaking

I have a 3.0 engine. It is leaking coolant at rear between motor and trans. I can't locate where it is coming from. Is there a freeze plug between yhese two?

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1992 Explorer Engine Other

Recently I had a head gasket blow. After the vehicle was fixed and three thermostats later I still have a problem.

1) The heater does not seem to blow as hot anymore.
2) When driving or sitting still the temperature changes from the "O" in NORM to the "A" then goes to completely cold.
3) Whenever number 2 above happens the air blowing from the heater even turns cold.

This continually happens. I returned to the mechanic and he said he could not find any problems. I installed a new radiator prior to the head gasket blowing and have changed the thermostat several times since. He said that I have a good flow and that the engine is at normal operating temperature. If this can be explained I would be greatly appreciative.


1966 Mustang Engine Stalling

My car drives fine and have driven it for 6 hours recently to get home from when I purchased it, have taken several shorter trips since with no problem, recently the car runs great for about 20-30 minutes, and then will just lose power and jerk then stall. It will start up again fine, then you go 50ft and it will die again.

I have replaced the coil, fuel filter and air filters and at a loss as to what else may be the problem, have been told it may the the solenoid but cant find that. Spark plugs etc seem to be fine.

Please help

1995 Taurus Engine Failing

I own a ford Taurus station wagon 1995 with 111000 miles. When I bought the car the prevous ower told me that the car stopped twince in hot weather but after bringing it to a meachinic they were aneble to fix the problem. However it happened it to me as well. During hot-warm day driving in state roads after some miles the engin start to fail and then it stops. It seems like there is no gas, but there is gas in the tank. Eventually teh car stops and if I try to turn it on it give some signs and then eventually dyes again. However if I leave it stop for few hours it starts again as nothing happened and I can drive.
When the weather is mild-cold it runs wonderfully
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